Invited Presentations and Lectures

–Expert Respondent: “Popular Culture: Fan Fiction.” M/MLA, November, 2002
– Invited Lectures for doctoral students: “Fan Fiction and the Internet,” “Slave Narratives in the Antebellum South,” “Computer Mediated Literature.” Universidad de Sevilla, April, 2002.
– Invited Lecturer: “Fan Fiction on the Internet,” Comparative Media Studies and Women’s Studies Symposium, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, March 2002.

Scholarly Presentations

– “The Two Antonios: Spanish Stereotypes in American Film.” Mediterranean Studies Association. Universidad de Granada. May, 2002.
– “Media and Fan Fiction.” Escapade Conference, Santa Barbara, CA, 2002
– “Private Uses of Cyberspace: Women, Desire, and Fan Culture,” Media in Transition Conference, MIT, 1999
– Zorro Returns: Interactive Narrative and Celebrity Culture,” Interactive Frictions Conference, University of Southern California, 1999
– “Mildred Lewis Rutherford: Preserver of the Literary South,” American Association of Women Historians, Huntington Library, 1998
– “Changing Color: the Blush as a Construct of Race and Gender”, Special Session,
Modern Language Association Conference, 1997
– “American Desire for the Spanish Other: Three Films Versions of Blasco Ibañez’ Blood and Sand” International Conference on American Studies, Terragona, Spain, 1997
– “Pastoral Resistance in Harriet Jacobs’ Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl,” Pacific Northwest American Studies Association Conference, Portland, 1997
– “Poetry on Display: Typography as Tone of Voice,” Popular Culture/American Culture Association Meeting, Las Vegas, 1996
– “Christ the Cameo: The Divine ‘Other’ as Peripheral Motivator in the Religious Historical Novels of Ingraham, Wallace, and Douglas,” Christianity and Literature Conference, Santa Clara University, 1995

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